We are proud to represent Kaplow Insurance Agency. Helping with all of your equine insurance needs!

Kaplow Insurance AgencyFull Mortality provides coverage for death of animal resulting from an accident, sickness, injury, or disease, or if your horse has to be humanely destroyed, or if your animal is stolen.

Emergency Colic Surgery Endorsement is offered free with many of our policies. Coverage up to $5,000 is provided with no deductibles.

Major Medical Coverage is essentially a health insurance coverage for your animal. Coverage is for medical expenses or surgical expenses, as a result of an accident, sickness and or disease and are not considered routine or maintenance. We offer coverage limits from $7,500, $10,000 or $15,000. Coverage is always subject to a deductible that varies with the insurers and plans. Many insurers now apply a co-pay along with the deductible that increases your out of pocket expenses dramatically. We are one of the only companies offering medical plans with NO co-pays. Please inquire with the office or your agent about those plans.

Overseas Transit Coverage provides coverage for horses travelling outside of the country while the horse is in flight to and from that country.

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